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Fading Away

Dave Molter
Dave Molter


Dave Molter: Lead vocals, bass, MIDI programming

Buddy Hall: Guitars, MIDI programming. producer/engineer

Jim "Doc" Dougherty: Slide guitar

Jason Kendall: Saxophone

Reb Beach: "Honeymoon Bed"

Ideally, a song tells a story. Many of my songs are anchored by an event that happened to me or a friend, "Fading Away" is one of the latter. And its lyrics are adaptable to whatever sex you happen to identify as.   Cheating is a common theme in music of all genres. Although the song's protagonist is not me,  the poor guy in "Fading Away" has been ill-used by his lover, and he's not happy. In fact, he feels like he is becoming invisible, thus the title. Halfway through, he's at a wild party. There's one particularly boisterous woman there, and she apparently caught his attention,  because by song's end, he's happy his two-timing baby is hitting the road. All he wants is for her to return his beloved records. Who of us of a certain age hasn't lost a great LP in a split-up? I never did get back "Tumbleweed Connection." These days, at least it's easy to retain your mp3s.



Fading Away

Music & Lyrics by Dave Molter

© Copyright 2019 All rights reserved.


I used to think that we had somethin' really special
And we would be together for a  long, long time
But now I see that it was only superficial
You drive me out of my mind

I know that you been steppin' out with other fellas
It’s as plain as day
Congratulations if you tried to make me jealous   
Cause I feel betrayed


And I yi yi yi’m fading away,
Coming apart at the seams
Cause you, you, you, you, you ran away
You ran away with my dreams


You used to tell me I reminded you of Elvis
Your little hunka hunka burnin’ love
But now I get the feelin’ that you gonna shelve us
I guess I wasn’t enough

I wish that I could say it really doesn’t phase me
But I ain’t built that way
So grab your pencil and start to erase me
Then blow me away


We used to make it every day and twice on Sunday
Now you’re too busy watchin’ Jeopardy
Who was the guy my sister saw you with that one day?
It sure wasn’t me

I heard you’re leavin’ for a permanent vacation
I got just one thing to say
Give back my records on your way to the station
I need something to play



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