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Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More

Kind words from Mr. Wayne Lunqvist Ford, aka The Ice Cream Man, whose show "Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More" airs weekly from Sweden to all the world. Catch up with himn on Facebook. Two of my songs are on Wayne's compilation of indie music, "Screwballs & Curveballs." which is available FOR FREE from his website.

I've always wanted a nickname, and Wayne was kind enough to supply one this week in this very flattering summation:


"Possibly the most grown up artist on the compilation, so he shall be given the title of "The Daddy", an absolutely amazing artist and it is an real pleasure to play him on the the show and the compilation, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the mid century man, the mid century main man Mr Dave Molter!

Build the Scene

Here's a great one-on-one interview I did with Bill Damiano of Build the Scene, a website/podcast dedicated to spreading the word about Pennsylvania music through interviews, Q&A sessions and music. Thanks, Bill, for taking the time and spreading the word about indie music!

Email from Big Indie Giant

"Hey, 'Fading Away' hits the spot especially the sax. Gonna give it some deserved airtime on Big Indie Giant!"

Big Indie Giant radio network

"The minute I heard Dave Molter's 'Mid-Century Man' I was immediately hooked. The song is easy on the ear and very radio friendly. It feels like a familiar friend out of the 60's songbook up there with the greats of the Fab Four!
'Be The Sunshine' - Takes you deeper into the psychedelic tapestry of Dave's songwriting and musical talent. It's like a magic carpet ride, and at the moment, I don't want to get off!

Michael Charles - Big Indie Giant Radio"

Mid-Tennessee Music Website

Interview with Dave Molter – Mid-Century Man

Email from The Bob Cesca Show

Holy hell, I love your music! "Be The Sunshine" is an incredible song!  I'm a huge fan of prog rock, and this track really possesses that vibe!

Bob Cesca, Host
The Bob Cesca Show podcast

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