'It Was You' is a breath of fresh air. Simultaneously modern and timeless, this is music that everyone can appreciate. ” - Patrick Joseph

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The latest CD from Dave Molter

Released in December 2020, Dave Molter's "i Was You" continues an impressive string of #1 indie radio hits with its title track

"It Was You," Dave Molter's second CD release,  is a compendium of styles that reflects his diverse musical influences.  From its happy-go-lucky Sixties Pop title tune,  to "It Will Always Be True," which would not sound out of place on a Paul McCartney and Wings LP from the Seventies, through a Buck Owens-like tribute ("There Goes My Heart") to its swampy funky closer "(Really Nothin' New) Under the Sun,"  this CD has something for everyone.


An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, Midwest and East Coast music scenes since 1965, Dave Molter counts The Beatles as his primary influence. 

"Foolish Heart," Dave's debut EP, has produced four No. 1 singles since its release in September 2019. Dave's sixth single, "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry," debuted at #1 on Radio VGR in the UK three days after its release in December 2019. 

“(Really Nothin’ New) Under the Sun,” released in September 2020 as  a precursor to a new EP,  is a swampy, funky old-school rocker. It was recorded in Pittsburgh, PA, at Albey Road Studios and was produced and engineered by Al Snyder   "Under the Sun" charted Top 10 on Indie Radio Alliance stations worldwide.

Dave's latest EP,  "It Was You," is a compendium of styles, from Sixties power pop to country and contemporary rock. The title track debuted at #1 on two indie radio stations in the UK two days after its release and spent 90 days in the Top 10 on several more.

Says Dave: “I’m still blown away by the response from listeners to my music! I’ve heard from fans and deejays all over the world, and it’s gratifying to know that we share a common belief in the power of love expressed through music. 

“John Lennon said it best in 1967: ‘All you need is love!” I still believe it!”

Press Photos

Roxian Theater, McKees Rocks, PA 2019

Roxian Theater, McKees Rocks, PA 2019

Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, 2019

Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, 2019

Waitin' for the 5:43 saucer in Mars, PA 2020

Waitin' for the 5:43 saucer in Mars, PA 2020

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