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A Christmas song for trying times

Where Is Christmas?

"Where is Christmas" — a collaboration between #1 indie artist Dave Molter and veteran performer and producer Al Snyder— is now available for purchase right here on this site

The song is also available from all online music outlets (Amazon, Apple, iTunes & more) as well as streaming on Spotify.

Working with lyrics provided by Molter, Snyder supplemented and focused their sentiments, then composed and sang a beautiful, poignant melody.

But "Where Is Christmas" is not a jolly, "Ho-Ho-Ho" Christmas song, and for very good reasons.

December 25, 2020, was a holiday unlike any other in our lifetimes. We all had hopes that 2021 might be different. But with COVID-19 social distancing protocols in place in many parts of the world and the Delta Variant still infecting millions, many families and friends still will not be able to gather for traditional yuletide celebrations. It's tough to be apart at the holidays in any year, but "Where Is Christmas" has special poignancy in this decade.

A splendid review from The Ark of Music!
In its review of Bongo Boy Records' "Let's Have A Rockin' Christmas Vol. 5"  complilation, The Ark of Music singled out  "Where Is Christmas?" for special praise! here'swhat they had to say:


Where Is Christmas? – a soulful, singer-songwriter ballad by Dave Molter and Al Snyder – is a real highlight on this compilation. While it might not be the most jovial or spirited track on this project, its somber message is so appropriate for this difficult year, where so many are celebrating the holidays in a way that feels foreign and disjointed. The track muses particularly on the theme of not quite being able to get into the holiday spirit when a certain loved one isn’t around, another difficult facet of this year that so many of us have been tasked with. Between the heartfelt lyrics and the classic pop-Christmas song production featuring a bell-toned piano and gentle strings, this song will resonate with just about anyone who’s coming into the holiday season after a difficult 2020."


Double A Side

Back in the good old days when bands released 45 RPM records, there was a thing known as the "double A side" single. This meant that the band thought each side of the record was worthy of airplay and might be a hit. The Beatles had great success with this approach: 14 double A's! 

Double A sides are rare in this day of digital downloads: Artists usually just throw everything out at once and see what sticks.  I’m no different.  But this time I’m making a concerted effort to pitch two tunes at the same time to indie radio. 

Both tunes are on my latest CD, “It Was You,” and they’re already available as singles on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. Anyone who knows me knows I view Spotify as a necessary evil in today’s music market.  I hope that if you like these songs, you’ll see fit to buy them. 

 "One Little Push" and "It Will Always Be True" couldn't be more different stylistically. “Push” is a stripped-down, funky thang with almost tribal drums from Joey Waslousky and synth goodness from Al Snyder, my producer. I’m playing bass and, admittedly, stealing a lick from the great Tony Levin.  

“It Will Always Be True” is a more traditional song which at time reminds me of something that Paul McCartney and Wings might have released in the mid-Seventies. But it might easily be called country. Joey Waslousky again plays drums; Al Snyder adds keyboards and backing vocals (along with me); Danny Gochnour plays perfect guitar; and I channel McCartney on my Hofner Club Bass. 

As is usual with most of my songs, the lyrics tell a story related about relationships. 

In “Push,” our protagonist is a guy who feels he has been manipulated by a woman, but I think the sentiment would be equally valid from a female point of view. Sometimes you get into a situation where you know your lover is manipulating you into doing something you really don’t want to do. Maybe he or she uses sex, or shame to twist your arm. Whatever the case, most people eventually tire of the game and move on. So it is with this singer. 

This tune began life as a Stevie Wonder-like funky rocker. Kudos to Al for helping to shape the lyrics to fit the stripped-down format he came up with. 

“Each time I think I know her well 
She turns around and acts surprisin’ 
There’s no way that I can tell 
How many faces she’s disguisin’ 

A little push was all it took 
A little push was all it took 
It took just one little push 
To kill the lovin’” 

“True” is a love song of a different kind, one meant to assure the listeners that if they have doubts or feel that they are the only one who has problems, there is always someone to help them through rough times. When I sing about love in this context, it could be traditional romantic love or just the love between two friends. Although the word “darlin’” is here, the lyrics apply to any relationship. Basically, it’s the old saw: “You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else.” At my age, I know it to be true. 

Sometimes the very thing you need is right before your eyes 
But you can’t see the forest for the trees 
I know it’s a hard but please believe me when I say to you 
That you’re the only one you ever have to please” 

Hope you like ‘em!

I won't lie: This is a blatant attempt to sell CDs. But it really is a "Special!" If you remember the old K-Mart Blue Light Specials, it's just like that. Just imagine a revolving blue light in yer head. Buy both my CDs, "Foolish Heart" and "It Was You," for the low, low, Super Saver price of $15 (plus shipping)! You'll get 8 #1 indie radio hits! But wait, there's more! 

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These songs feature great playing by my Pittsburgh Pals Al Snyder; Danny Gochnour; Dave Flodine; Jason Kendall; Jim "Doc" Dougherty; Joey Waslousky; the late Buddy Hall; and former Pittsburgher Steve Dudas, guitarist for Mr. Ringo Starr. 

These CDs not only provide wonderful, locally produced music but also make great coasters or, minus the jackets, Christmas ornaments and -- in a pinch -- can be used to level a lopsided chair (chair not included). 

C'mon! Make an old man -- and yourself -- happy for Christmas 2021! Each CD will be personally signed by me and I'll throw in a sticker or two for your effort. 

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Just found this video of my first #1 single, "Foolish Heart."  This was recorded at a Danny Gochnour CD release show at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh in September 2019. Danny is the guitarist and the rest of the band was Joe Munroe on keys; Steve Weiss on violin; and Mark Pollera on drums. Danny was kind enough to allow me to do this song, and it was a great night  for all!


Let Me Down Easy

Dave Molter

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"Let Me Down Easy" debuted at #1 on indie stations in the U.K. and Australia! A breakup is never easy. It's a slap in the face, a bucket of cold water on your heart. Sometimes there's no easy way out of a bad relationship. But we can all hope that when the times comes, we'll be let down easy.

Recorded at Albey Road Studio, Pittsburgh

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Illustration by Michael Andrulonis



It Was You, my latest EP, is nominated for  the US Album of the Year Award at the 2021 International Singer Songwriters Association Awards!

It's a 7-song compendium of styles that range from British music hall ditties to funky, swampy, bluesy rock!  It's a great way to usher out a trying, depressing year.

The title track is an upbeat, poppy tribute to the carefree days of the mid-Sixties, when songs by the Turtles, Monkees, Kinks and others gave people a reason to be happy.

The digital version is $7. A signed physical CD ($10+ $3 shipping) is also available.

Click the button below to buy either version!

Cover illustration by Michael Andrulonis




A tribute to a friend and brother

In honor of Buddy Hall

"Late December" is a tribute to my friend and producer Buddy Hall, who passed away Jan. 29, 2021. The outstanding guitar solos are by Reb Beach of Whitesnake, Winger, Black Swan and others well known heavy rock bands. We conceived this song as an album-ender, so it's 8 minutes long with the fadeout. It hearkens back to the days of Album Oriented Rock FM stations that would play an entire LP late at night. This is the last tune that Buddy and I worked on.


Backroom Blues Vol. 9 release Friday, Nov. 13, 2020!


Back in the studio!

Help underwrite my next CD

I'm back in the studio with producer Al Snyder!

We've just released a new single (Really Nothin' New) Under the Sun, and plan to have a new EP out before Christmas 2020.  Manufacturing of the first 100 CDs is paid for. But YOU can help offset recording costs and get an signed, personalized CD for a donation of $10 or more. Just click the button below!

Thanks for your continued support and very gracious feedback on my debut EP, "Foolish Heart," and the followup singles, "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry" and  "Lemmings."

Stay safe, and spread the words about Peace and Love wherever you go!


Ain't No Quarantine Gonna Keep Me Down 

August 20, 2020

It hardly seems possible that it was one year ago today that my debut EP, "Foolish Heart, " was released. Musically, it has been a crazy year for all the best reasons. Four of the five songs on the EP hit number 1 on Indie music charts somewhere in the world over the last year. My sixth single, "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry," also went to number 1. My latest single, "Fading Away," didn't hit number 1, but it has 60,000 streams on Spotify as I write, and it has been on several "Best of Summer Indie Music" charts since June. The EP and singles from it all appeared on multiple "Best of 2019" charts at the end of last year and I was a finalist in two Music Awards shows this year.

Like all my musical brothers and sisters, 2020 has been a real kick in the ass. COVID-19 has made it impossible for me to play live shows as I had planned. It has also put a huge financial hit on those who depend on music as either a sole or supplementary income. I'd have to say that, in terms of music, 2020 has been the worst tear since I started playing 55 years ago. 

I'll take a brief sidetrack here to urge all of you who miss seeing live music to use common sense and wear a mask to help us get through this coronavirus mess as soon as possible. This isn't a political message; it's a realistic view of the state of the world as we know it at this moment. Now back to music! 

Take this, COVID-19!

As bad as 2020 and covid-19 have been for music, I have to say that isolation has afforded me the opportunity to work on new songs and, as unlikely as it may seem, to combine with several musicians I've known for a long time but have never actually played with. 

I'm happy to say that I'm back in the studio to work on new songs for the first time in almost a year. This time the studio is Albey Road, owned and operated by the remarkable Al Snyder, whose name may be familiar to you from the Corbin-Hanner Band. I have known Al since the early 1970s, but I have never worked with him. I can't accurately explain what a great honor it is to finally do so...and how much fun it is. Al us not only a great keyboard player but is also a wonderful singer. His studio chops are unparalleled. He's a great songwriter and producer and I think he has raised the level of my songs above the bar I set, and I said it pretty damned high. 

I've also worked for the first time with drummer Joey Waslousky, who I'm sure Pittsburghers know from many bands, including Studio A with Scott Anderson and Pete Hewlett and so many others. I don't need to tell you that Joey is a first-tier guy, both from a human standpoint and as a drummer -- solid and very adaptable. It's a joy to hear what he does on our tracks. 

I've also played in the studio for the first time with my good friend Danny Gochnour, who you all know from the Houserockers and his own remarkable band, of which I am proud to be a member. Well have many more friends appearing. You'll gear many new sounds on my upcoming work, some of which you heard before, but quite a few of which you probably had no idea I was interested in. 

We hope to have a new single out by Labor Day with and EP -- or maybe two -- out by late fall or the end of 2020. Stay tuned to my Facebook page and this website for more information and updates as we get closer to Labor Day. 

Meanwhile, if you aren't familiar with my music, please check it out on Spotify. If you wish to purchase individual tracks and the full EP, either digitally or physically, you can do so through Bandcamp or on the STORE link on this site.

And, if you would like to contribute to help offset recording costs, you can do so through the link at the top of the home page of thissite

Thanks to everyone who has supported me since I'm started recording two years ago, either financially or with encouragement.