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A 1 1/2" button/pin with the cover image from the Approaching End of Usable Life CD.

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I'm happy to announce the availability of a limited number of my latest album, "It Was You," on USB card! It seems many people no longer have a CD player at home or in newer cars. So, here's your chance to get hip like all the kids with your own personal copy! Just $12 + $3 shipping!




I'm excited and honored to be one of 15 finalists in each of two of the four categories in which I was nominated for the 2021 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards: US Male Vocalist and US Album of the Year ("It Was You"). Three winners will be chosen in each category by the winners of last year's awards and awards presented at ceremonies in Atlanta in August.

The ISSA is a unique and valuable international organization dedicated to furthering the careers of independent artists worldwide, and I very much appreciate their support. There is no fee for membership.

I am extremely thankful to Marc Platt of Radio Candy Radio and to the network of Radio Indie Alliance stations that play and support my music,and to the independent indie stations that also keep my name out in the air! I am even more grateful to everyone who voted for me, both from the USA and internationally. Indie musicians struggle to break through the haze of thousands of daily releases to music platforms. It's the support and dedication of fans that make everything possible and worthwhile.

My thanks to my friend/co-writer and producer, Al Snyder, whose studio mastery and unerring sense of the song took this CD to a new level. Also thanks to Danny Gochnour for his spot-on guitar playing on "It Was You" and several other tracks from the CD; and to Joey Waslousky, whose drumming on "It Was You" gave it the "Summer of Love" vibe I was looking for! More to come!

You can sample and download all my music right on this website! Download the digital version of "It Was You" by clicking the button below.

7th Annual Josie Awards Nominee!

I'm honored to have "It Was You" nominated as Pop/Contemporary Male Song of the Year for the 7th Annual Josie Music Awards in Nashville! Winners will be announced in September.

"It Was You" was inspired by my partner in crime, Pam Bice, and is a tribute to the pop acts of the mid-Sixties, mostly American acts like the Turtles or Monkees, but also British acts like the Kinks, which sometimes ventured out of rock norms to throw in a touch of British Music hall. All these acts occasionally released uptempo, sunny, happy, sometimes silly tunes with catchy choruses.

This song is in the same vein. It can be sung by either a man or a woman, the overriding sentiment is that the person being sung about changed the singer's life. I've been lucky enough to have this happen to me a few times, but I have to admit the most recent time has been the best. Envision the singer romping through the park on a sunny day, throwing caution -- and maybe flower petals -- to the wind.

Instrumentation recalls those classic tunes: bright guitar, thumping bass and drums, a happy, singalong breakdown with handclaps followed by trumpets and a calliope on the repeated outro. Calliope suggests, of course, a circus. At least in my day, everyone loved the circus. But you'll also hear calliope on a merry-go-round. Either way, it's a happy sound. Most of my songs deal in love, in all its forms. This is happy love. I can't promise that all my love songs will be happy, because sometimes loves hurts (or stinks, or sucks -- pick your verb)!

Lazie Indie Music Magazine Feature

I'm happy to announce that I'll be featured in the Nov. 27 online issue of Lazie Indie Music Magazine! Lazie profiles musicians from around the world. I'll post a link herr when it's live. Check it out for some insight on my music and plans for 2021.


A swampy, bluesy rocker

(Really Nothin' New) Under the Sun" is my latest single! It debuted in October 2020  at #3 on The Menace's House of Indies in the U.K. and still occupies that slot. It's also #7 on the Micky Spectrum Countdown in the U.K. and is being played on more than 50 indie stations worldwide. Pittsburghers can hear it on Rob O'Friel's weekly Saturday show, "Rollin' and Tumblin'," from 9 to midnight on 91.3, WYEP.

Purchase the tune on this site using the button below or from all online music stores, including Apple Music , iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play. You can also buy "Under The Sun" and all my music on Bandcamp or Stream on Spotify!

If you buy it here, you can set your own price, but I hope you'll throw at least $1 my way! Cheaper than a Snickers bar, and you'll have more than an empty wrapper left when you're done!

Back in the Studio!

JOSIE Awards Finalist!

Excited to announce that I am a finalist in two categories for 2020 Josie Awards, to be presented in Dollywood, TN, on Sept. 5! "Foolish Heart," my debut EP, is up for EP of the Year and its title track for Song of the Year! Thanks to everyone -- listeners an deejays -- who made this possible! Hear both tracks right here on Reverbnation!


Bongo Boy Records

Backroom Blues Vol.9

"Fading Away" has been chosen for inclusion in Bongo Boy Records' new compilation, "Backroom Blues Vol.9, " set for release in Summer 2020!

ISSA Awards!

I'm among 15 finalists in two categories for the 2020 International Singer Songwriters Association Awards! I am grateful for fans, friends and family who cast votes! Love you all! Awards show August 15 in Atlanta!

Watch the virtual awards ceremony live on Youtube at 3 p.m. EDT Saturday, August 15!  Click the link:

2020 Vision

2020 Vision 

2019  ended on a high note -- several high notes, actually!  All three of the singles I released beginning in September hit #1 on several indie radio charts. "Foolish Heart" was my first #1. "Tell Me That You Love Me" followed it quickly and "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry," released just before Christmas, debuted at #1 on three UK stations and as of February 28, 2020 was sharing the #4 slot on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 40, with "Foolish Heart." 

Another unanticipated and therefore even more thrilling development was to see my debut single, "Mid-Century Man," take over the top spot in the Zootapradio (ZTR.FM, Fort Worth, Texas)  weekly Mix Channel listener requests Top 15. MCM debuted on ZTR on Memorial Day weekend 2019 and stayed in the Top 10 since then. It finally snagged the #1 slot on February 20. Quite an accomplishment. 

I'm proud that 5 of the 6 songs we released in 2019 made it to #1 and that all are still on a Top 40 indie radio chart somewhere in the world. It's more than we ever could have hoped for! 

I also was chosen as a featured artist for the week of February 23, 202 by Reverbnation. It's great honor because selection is based on fan interaction and playlist curator picks. 

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020 offers new horizons. We're planning another EP release sometime this summer, but timing is in limbo. We have more tunes I think you'll like in genres we haven't yet explored. Great news is that veteran virtuoso rocker Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger, Black Swan) has added some astounding guitar work to a tune that likely will be out as a single soon. It's an epic depressing love song. Hey ... love ain't always pretty. If you've tried in vain to make a relationship work and found your best efforts repeatedly shot down by negativity from your partner, you'll relate to this song. Don't worry, there are happy, funny tunes to come, too. 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my music.  It's a helluva ride! 


Hot fun in the Summertime!

It's been a big summer for my music! My debut single, "Mid-Century Man" is still being played and seeing chart action worldwide six months after its release! Currently MCM is #2 on the ZTR.FM (Zootapradio) Mix Channel Top 10,  where it has remained all summer.  MCM is also in the Top 5 on the Countdown!

Even better,  my latest single, "Foolish Heart," is getting great reviews and attracting attention! Reverbnation has chosen the song for curation, which mean you will be seeing more news about the song. For the first time, I occupy the #1 spot on the Reverbnation Rock Charts for Pittsburgh, PA!

 I can't thank my listeners and fans enough for your great support!

 "Foolish Heart" features amazing guitar work from Steve Dudaswho played with Ringo Starr and the Roundheads for more than a decade and has worked with Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Quincy Joes and Beatles producer George Martin.

 "Foolish Heart" and "Mid-Century Man" are among 5 songs on my debut EP, available for download from CDBABY and other online outlets and also streaming on Spotify and other services.

 Plans call for the release of my first full CD, "Mid-Century Man' in summer 2020.

Rock on, my brothers and sisters! Love you all!