Late December

Dave Molter

I'm releasing "Late December" in tribute to Buddy Hall, who passed away Jan. 29, 2021, at the age of 64. A friend for more than 40 years, Buddy produced this song during sessions we began in October 2018. Although not officially mastered, what you hear is the near-final mix that we made in, fittingly, late December 2019.

The amazing solo guitar is by Reb Beach of Winger, Whitesnake and several solo projects under his own name. Reb's a Pittsburgh guy, like me and Buddy.

THIS TRACK IS FREE: I want it to be a tribute to a man who was my brother in many ways, both musically and spiritually. The world deserves to hear Buddy’s artistry. If you wish, you may pay whatever you feel the track is worth. Whatever proceeds I get will go toward finishing and mastering the 5 songs Buddy and I had in the can before his death. If you contribute, I will appreciate your generosity. The included picture is of The System, a band Buddy and I played in in the early Eighties. Buddy is 2nd from left; I'm on the far right.

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