Every Morning

Dave Molter

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Every Morning

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"Every Morning," the third track on my latest CD, "It Was You," may have been the first song I wrote. I source it to 1972 or so, but I think I began writing it in my head earlier. It's no secret that I'm heavily influenced buy the Beatles, and you can tell that I'm imitating Paul McCartney's "music hall" efforts -- "Honey Pie," "Your Mother Should Know," maybe even "Maxwell's Silver Hammer." But, more than that, I was recalling vaudeville and and British Music Hall tunes. That's because I grew up in an era of TV variety shows where you could hear almost every style of music sandwiched between the comedians, dancer, jugglers and dog acts. "Every Morning" is a lament for lost love, based on personal experience. My friend and producer, the late Buddy Hall, did an amazing job of recreating the almost circuslike orchestration and retaining the Beatles/McCartney feel. Piano, clarinets, tuba, a guitar straight out of "Oh, Darling," and background vocals that are so period perfect that you can almost see four guys in straw hats, sleeve garters and bow ties singing. Out friend Jason Kendall supplemented my virtual horns with a wonderful "real" sax section of his own. A "scratchy record" sound and megaphone vocal in places complete the picture. And kudos to my friend Michael Andrulonis , whose artwork was exactly what I envisioned for this song. Mike did cover art for "It Was You" as well as my single "(Really Nothin' New) Under The Sun." I love Mike: his caricatures always make me look younger and thinner.
I'm very pleased with "Every Morning. It may not be single material, but it combines and pays tribute to many of my musical influences. I hope you like it.

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