From the recordings Be the Sunshine and Foolish Heart

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<p><strong>Dave Molter:</strong> Music &amp; lyrics; lead and background vocals; bass guitar; synthesizer; MIDI programming<br /><strong>Buddy Hall:</strong> Producer &amp; engineer; guitars; background vocals; MIDI programming<br /><br /><strong>SONG STORY<br /></strong>"Be the Sunshine" is a throwback to the psychedelic era that began with the Summer of Love in 1967. I came of age in that era and its music still moves me. Lyrics about love, trippy guitars, crazy sounds panning left and right, over-the-top drums -- it's all there. The lyrics say it all: spread love with everything you do. Be the Sunshine!<br /><br /></p>
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<pre class="moz-quote-pre"><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Be the Sunshine</strong></span></pre>
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<p><strong>VERSE 1</strong><br />Ahhhh won&rsquo;t you come with us<br /> Take a ride to see the sunrise<br /> Ahhhh how it can lift us<br /> Wipe away the tears from our eyes</p>
<p>And you know everything&rsquo;s gonna be all right<br /> 'Cause the world&rsquo;s not as bad as it seems<br /> If we let our love be our guiding light<br /> We can run, we can fly, we can soar <br /> We can be the sunshine</p>
<p><strong>VERSE 2</strong><br /> <br /> Ahhhh see the sun showers<br /> Warm the world with rays from above<br /> Ahhhh don&rsquo;t waste an hour<br /> Spread the word, the word about love</p>
<p>Ahhhhh love will astound you<br /> Welcome it with arms open wide<br /> Ahhhhh let it surround you<br /> It&rsquo;s a feeling that you can&rsquo;t hide</p>