From the recordings Tell Me That You Love Me and Foolish Heart

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Recorded by Buddy Hall at Diversity Studio, Pittsburgh.
Produced by Buddy Hall and Dave Molter
Dave Molter: Bass & Vocals
Buddy Hall: Guitars, BG vocals an MIDI Programming.


Tell Me That You Love Me
© 2019 Dave Molter Music

You know I’m in heaven every time you smile
Won’t you stay with me for a while?
Girl you can’t imagine How good it would feel
Just one word from you could make it real!

Tell me that you love me Tell me that you want me
Tell me that you need me And darlin I’ll be there

They all tell me it can be like this
I’ll hear music every time we kiss

Make my dream come true dear
Tell me that you care
Say you’ll be with me everywhere
Please don’t hesitate
You know that I’ll be true
Girl I just can wait to be with you