1. Lemmings

From the recordings It Was You and Lemmings

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Music & Lyrics by Dave Molter
Copyright 2020 Dave Molter Music
All Rights Reserved


Words and music by Dave Molter
Copyright 2020 by Dave Molter Music
All rights reserved

I’ve called you here together to tell you ‘bout my plan
To keep our country strong and free
And remain the promised land
To do it we will build a wall or a fence to block the way
Don’t press me for the details
Just listen to what I say

America is overrun with drug lords, pimps and whores
They got here when they crawled up on
Our sunny southern shores
Let’s round them up and keep them all in cages, don’t you know
Until we can just dump them back in the Gulf of Mexico

And like lemmings to the sea
I know you’ll follow me
Cause I ain’t askin’ you to think
Just say that you believe
The crap I put on Twitter
And the Facebook hate they spew
‘Cause if you see it online
You know it must be true

I know that you all follow me and bask in my success
Because I say what’s in your head
And all without finesse
You memorize my taglines, you mumble in your sleep
“Lock her up” and “Build the wall”
You really are like sheep

His memory is as long
As his tiny little fingers
He pours it on so strong and the scent it really lingers
Lingers …

The founding fathers left us a document so rare
Which I have done my best to shred and throw up in the air
It said all men are equal, but I devised a test
The answers show beyond a doubt
That I am more equal than the rest