1. Down to You

From the recording Approaching End of Usable Life

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Dave Molter: Bass, lead & BG vocals, trumpet
Al Snyder: Piano, synthesizer, cathedral organ
Joey Waslousky: Drums
John DeCola: accordion
Dave Flodine: Ukulele


Black, white
Stand, fight
Shouted provocations
But it all comes down to you

Right, wrong
Weak, strong
Headlong into confrontation
But it all comes down to you

You may find life's out of line
Just take some time
Assess the situation and
Do what's right
And let your light come shinin' through

Up, down
Smile, frown
Swim, drown
Better grab flotation
And don't take it down with you

Left, right
Day, night
Dark, light
Seek illumination
'Cause it all comes down to you
Yes, it all comes down to you