From the recording It Was You

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This is an alternate take on the song in its original version. I wrote "There Goes My Heart" after watching Ken Burns' "Country Music" on PBS. It had a wonderful section on Buck Owens, who I loved as a kid -- mostly, I admit, because the Beatles covered his song "Act Naturally." But I also liked many of Buck's other jots, like "Tiger by the Tail." Buck invented country's "Bakersfield Sound," It was twangy and raucous, with guitars up front. And of course they dressed in those crazy Nudi western suits. Too many people know Buck only from his time on "Hee Haw." But he was a powerhouse, a trendsetter, an influencer.

This version features Danny Gochnour replicating the signature sound of Buck's longtime guitarist Don Rich. Al Snyder played piano, Joey Waslousky played drums, and I played bass and sang. This is how I wrote the song, by Al -- my producer -- reworked it to make it more contemporary, and that version appears on the CD, with the same personnel.


They say into each life some rain must fall
And the blues, they might be just around the bend
But how was I to know I’d lose it all
She said she’d love me to the very end

I knew the day we met that we’d be lovers
My heart just said, “That’s It! It’s that clear cut.”
I walked the straight and narrow all the days of our lives
She walked straight out the door and slammed it shut

There goes my everything, There goes my heart
There goes the only chance I’ll ever have
To make a brand new start
The day she walked away my world fell apart
There goes my everything There goes my heart
I spend each and every hour just waitin’ by the phone
Hoping that she’ll call and say she’ll be comin’ home

I guess I’ll have to live my live in sorrow
And call these lonely walls my only friends
I’ll try to wear a smile beg, steal or borrow
But the heartache, the heartache never ends